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The 10 Essentials of a knife

The 10 Essentials of a knife

Real life incidents in which people have saved their own lives with knives are probably more common than we realize, but they aren?t always widely reported in the media. Below are several accounts in which people have saved their lives using different varieties of knives (in some instances the sources of the stories are not known since they were picked up over many years of “cursory” reading). The main “lesson” in this article is that it?s usually a good idea to carry a knife, especially if you find yourself in a crime-ridden section of a city, or about to embark on an adventure that may involve precarious situations.
Our first case concerns a mountain man by the name of Buy Victorinox Kitchen Knife. His life-saving knife event occurred during the Fur Trade era in the early 19th century. While traveling one day he ran upon a dangerous grizzly bear and tried to kill it with his rifle but only succeeded in wounding the powerful animal. The bear became enraged after being shot and charged Beckwourth, but since his rifle was only a single shot muzzle-loader, he was forced to draw his knife, which was a large bowie type model. Beckwourth stabbed the blade repeatedly into the bear?s vital organs until he put the grizzly down. He survived the dangerous ordeal but suffered many deep lacerations in the process. The noise of Beckwourth?s initial gunshot and the bear?s loud roaring attracted the attention of a hunting party of Crow Indians, who took Beckwourth back to their village and nursed him to health. Beckwourth?s battle with the grizzly was so impressive to the Indians they made him an "honorary" member of their tribe, and over time he ascended to become ?War Chief? of the Crow Nation (keep in mind, other accounts differ from this grizzly bear story and claim the Crow Indians merely caught Beckwourth trapping on their territory and captured him, after which he married many Crow women and became part of their tribe).
Another remarkable case of a man saving his own life with a knife involves an assassination attempt made on the life of General Nathan Bedford Forrest. After the General had been wounded at close range by a Civil War era revolver, he grabbed the assassin?s gun hand and struggled to keep the revolver pointing away from him. As he controlled the man?s gun, the General quickly pulled out his pocket knife with his free hand, opened it with his teeth, then stabbed the blade repeatedly into the assassin?s stomach to kill him.
No one expects to be stranded or lost in the wilderness. Whether you travel by car through remote areas or you enjoy a day hike in familiar hills, being prepared for an emergency survival situation can mean the difference between life and death.
Here are the essential ten items to put in a lightweight backpack to ensure you have the best chance of surviving the unexpected.
- Fire starting equipment
- Tarp - 50 ft. of nylon rope - Knife - Water bottle - Lightweight cooking pot - Emergency poncho - Compass - Whistle and mirror - First-aid kit
Fire Starting Equipment
The ability to make fire tops the list because fire means the ability to get warm, dry and make water safe for drinking. Survival experts say you should always travel with at least two fire starting devices--at least one of which should be an all-weather fire-starting rod or, preferably, a metal match. Tinder cubes or cotton balls soaked in petroleum jelly may also be a handy addition as they make fire starting possible in even the wettest conditions. A butane lighter or waterproof wooden matches in a plastic zip bag can serve as an easy flame source in dry, calm weather but...
Knife The most universally useful tool in a wilderness environment is the sports source:http://finres.info/. A sturdy hunting or survival knife is not only useful to cut things such as rope and cloth, but also to dig holes, split kindling, hone wooden steaks, clean fish and help accomplish countless other tasks. A Buy Victorinox Kitchen Knife with a five-inch blade is the best choice. Choosing the right knife for you, however, can be nearly mind-boggling. While you could easily pay several hundred dollars for a top-notch survival knife, there are adequate knives available for...
Whistle and Mirror This is the nightmare reported by more than one wilderness survivor: imagine the experience of seeing and hearing rescuers looking for you but being unable to be seen or heard yourself. A signaling whistle can attract the attention of humans many times farther away than a yell and rescue dogs have been known to hear a whistle over amazing distances. Periodically sounding a whistle can also be a good way to alert bears of your presence when traveling in potential bear country as many bear attacks happen when the animal is startled by quiet travelers. A signaling mirror is crucial for being spotted by search aircraft. Pilots have been able to see the reflection of sun from even a very small mirror many miles away and...
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